Monday, 29 June 2015

Drinking Beer in Cathar Country with the Grand Bison

The Restaurant A La Patate Qui Fume in Montségur is a family run restaurant in the Ariège-Pyrénées region of France and serves top quality homemade food using ingredients sourced from local farmers and markets. My own choice for lunch was a confit duck burger.

The beer and wine is also locally sourced and I enjoyed a very refreshing CroMignonne Biere Blanche - unpasteurised, unfiltered, full of citrus and floral flavours and excellent served cold.  

You will notice from the picture that the CroMignonne was served in a Britte Grande Biere de Bretagne glass with a very attractive Puffin logo. I was very taken with the design, and the owner let me take one away with me. 

CroMignonne is one of 4 regular beers from the Grand Bison brewery, only 4 miles away in the town of Lavelanet. The name and label designs are inspired by the Great Bison, one of the largest and most famous paintings in the caves at Niaux. Later in the week I also tried the Flambeuse - an amber beer, or Biere Ambree. It had a dry liquorice bitterness to it that refreshed not dominated the palate and is a beer to take time over and savour. 

Do make a point of visiting A La Patate Qui Fume if you're ever in the area. It makes an ideal stop if you’re searching for the Holy Grail at The Château de Montségur.

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