Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Brewdog Brixton Porter

Impenetrably dark and smokey with a mouth full of coffee, vanilla and bitter chocolate flavours and a dry liquorice finish on the back of the throat. Topped off by a caramel head, Brixton Porter is a very complex 4-malt brew with the addition of 3 resinous and fruity hops from America, Australia and Britain. Although this makes it quite rich, it remains very drinkable - ideal for sitting outside on this summer evening as it starts to chill.

Try it if you see it because it’s part of Brewdog’s occasional brews range and is not always available. I was lucky enough to spot one amongst the 30 or so bottled beers on the shelf in Colchester’s Church Street Tavern. This former savings bank and latterly estate agents’ offices has been recently refurbished to a very fine standard and offers a long bar and comfortable seating on the ground floor with an excellent restaurant upstairs.

If I could wish for one thing here it would be at least one cask ale, but they do offer a good range of keg beer in addition to the bottles, so that should be enough to satisfy the discerning beer enthusiast.

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